Where to Sell Gold – Profit From Your Yellow Metal

The Canny Contractor :

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  • Well done. However, re your purchase from 2006, you have forgotten to factor in INFLATION which would have eroded the value of your bar over a 10 year period. I have been dealing in gold since 1979. In September 1979 I purchased 5 gold 1 OZT krugerrands for £980.35 from Johnson Matthey (later taken over by Cooksons). I sold my 5 coins in only 5 months (February 1980), a month after the all-time high on Jan 21st 1980 for £1450. Now that's a great profit!

    • Thanks for the comment Martin. Yes, indeed. The real rate of return on my gold would have been much less. As you say, inflation will have eroded the value of my gold over time.

      And that's why it's so important to pump money in inflation-beating investments such as dividend growth stocks or rentals. Or, in your case, make a great profit in a short time span with your vast knowledge of gold. Congrats:- )