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I’ve always been interested in investing in my future, writing about my life experiences and travelling from a young age. I write about whatever interests me and fits into the theme of this blog.

I haven’t always been frugal with my money. I went ‘off the rails’ financially in my earlier days, when the lure of glitz and glam was too much to resist. This blog is much about character reformation and living a good lifestyle for less, as well as taking care of your hard earned cash.


I’m not a licensed professional of any kind. I’m not a financial advisor, tax professional, or lawyer. This site should be viewed for entertainment purposes only. Before you invest any of your money or undergo any financial, business, or changes at all, please consult an appropriate professional.

Any stock transactions and/or analyses I publish should not be considered to be investment recommendations. I am not liable for any losses or suffering experienced by any party.

Anything written on are my personal views and comments based on my own circumstances. does not collect any personal information about you except standard traffic logs automatically generated and any comments you leave.

I will never sell or voluntarily disclose your personal information or email address.

What is This Website About?

I build passive income, so I can fund and live the lifestyle I’ve always aspired to.

I also post about techniques on how to save faster/ reach financial independence quicker…some ways more extreme than the other. All legitimate of course. And I give you a quick insight into my travels, best places to live/ cost of living etc.

Just as important, I’m blogging my way to financial independence, so keep an eye out for the quarterly income reports…

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The blog is still relatively young, so there is so much more content to come…subscribe to the newsletter for valuable updates.



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