Passive Income Report – Quarter 4, 2019

It was all about the Boris Bounce at the end of Q4,2019. The US and China came to terms with an initial trade deal and the year-end rally teetered off. All in all, stocks closed on a winning note, the strongest year since 2013. How long can this beautiful bull run last?…


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Q4 2019 Dividend Growth Stock Sales

Nothing this quarter. Although, H&L updated me with the following information:

Cash acquisition of Greene King by CK Noble (UK) Limited. The Scheme was approved by shareholders at meetings held on 9 October 2019. Shareholders have been offered 850 pence for 654 shares. 5,559gbp was then deposited to my account. So, those shares where sold regardless and Greene King no longer exists in my portfolio.

Galliford Try plc announced that it agreed to sell its housebuilding business to Bovis Homes Group. Galliford has kept the remaining construction business in a newly restructured company (‘New Galliford Try Holdings’). The proposals were implemented via a Scheme of Arrangement whereby Galliford Try plc shareholders received the following:
In place of each existing Galliford Try plc share: 1 new Galliford Try Holdings plc share and 0.57406 of a new Bovis Homes share.

I’ve now received:
Current holding of Galliford Try plc: 351 Shares
New Galliford Try Holdings plc Shares: 351 Shares
New Bovis Homes Group plc Shares: 201 Shares

Q4 2019 Dividend Growth Stock Purchases

No cash contributions this quarter, although I purchased two stocks through reinvested dividends

Dividend Income for Q4 2018

48 dividend payments were distributed in Q4, 2018 (a decrease of 9 compared to Q3, 2019)

1452.22gbp (dividends from Q4) has accumulated in my broker account (post withholding tax and broker fees).

Hence, there’s a decrease of 878.98gbp for dividend income in Q4 (compared to Q3, 2019). Similar story this time last year, where there was another decrease.

The average dividend yield is guestimated to be 4% (It was 4.1% last quarter…I was lazy and never updated my spreadsheet).

Total return from the dividend portfolio is estimated to be 19.12%, since inception  (capital gain/15.12% + average yield/4%).

I’ve taken a screenshot straight from my H&L account, to show some transparency. Please see the bar chart below to show my dividned income, for 2019.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is passive-income-bar-chart-dividend-funds-2019-1024x508.png

7138.57gbp of dividends were distributed in 2019.

Compared to 2018, the dividend income has increased by 1486,37gbp. A year over year growth of 26.3%.  

(Current Year Dividend Income – Last Years Dividend Income) / Last Years Dividend Income = Year Over Year Growth Rate

Dividend Reinvestment

I purchased 54 shares of ULVR at 4509.3715 pence.

I purchased 38 shares of PM at 6436.72 pence.

For more information on how I reinvest my dividends for maximum return, click here.

Dividend Funds Overview (Capital)

The download from my Hargreaves and Lansdowne (broker) account below shows the state of play after Q4,2019.

There’s been a capital gain of 8726,02gbp for the dividend capital this quarter (dividend buys through dividend re-investment ).This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is passive-income-dividend-capital-q4-2019-1-885x1024.png

Rental Income

Total rental income this quarter is -368bp after management, internet, repair and utility fees.

Q1 = 42.12gbp

Q2 = +1169.35gbp

Q3 = +1182.56gbp

Q4 = -368gbp

2026gbp of rental income was received in 2019 (after management/ letting fees, repairs, communal fees and utilities).

The short term rental income has dropped 1663.41gbp this year, hence a very poor performance. The Cyprus rental is most certainly the poisened chalice of my portfolio.

SIPP 1 (UK Pension)

There’s been a gain of 3.32 % re the SIPP this quarter.

SIPP 1 has gained 19.15% this year, in comparison to Q4 2018.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is passive-income-sipp-q4-2019-1-576x1024.png

SIPP 2 (Eire Pension)

There’s been a gain of 12% re SIPP 2, since transferring out. A gain of 2% since last quarter.


Dividends = 7138.57gbp
Rental Income = 2026gbp

Total passive income for 2019 is 9164.57gbp/ 10241 Euros

This is a decrease of 2,785.04gbp/ 3064.36 Euros from last year 

Summary: The P2P and Crowdinvesting (very nearly wound down at this stage) accounts are now wound down, hence a drop of 1500+ Euros per annum.  I think this asset allocation is too risky going forward. And although there’s a sharp drop in income short term, it’s peace of mind long term. Slow and steady should win the race.

The Investment Trust (SMT) has now been sold to fund my base/ home, to enable me to become mortgage free. Hence a drop of 1100+ Euros per annum.

Can I get by on 10,241 Euros per annum? With my credentials of being debt free and rent/ mortgage free AND living in a low cost of living capital city (with no car).  Then this is sufficient. For now.

If we take 15% income tax off that, it nets 8704,85 Euros per annum.  As always planned, I’m living off my active income (engineering consultancy) at my own leisure, over a shorter time periods and reinvesting all passive income.

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