Passive Income – Quarter 4, 2017

passive income

Q4 Dividend Growth Stock Purchases

1. Greene King (GNK)
2. International Business Machines (IBM)

30 dividend payments were distributed in Q4 (compared to 29 dividend payments in Q3)

102 dividend payments were distributed in 2017, as opposed to 23 dividend payments in 2016.

Dividend Income for Q4 2017

877.40gbp (dividends from Q4) has accumulated in my broker account.
There’s a decrease of 128.44gbp for dividend income in Q4.

DateTickerCompanyDividend (£)   
TOTAL 877.4
21/12/2017Stanley Black & Decker12.96
20/12/2017Royal Dutch Shell38.17
19/12/2017Flowers Foods23.22
14/12/2017Johnson & Johnson 12.61
13/12/2017United Technologies 14.93
13/12/2017Chevron Corp17.61
13/12/2017Target Corp27.23
05/12/2017Enbridge 22.04
05/12/2017Boeing 21.16
04/12/2017Corus Entertainment 20.30
22/11/2017Galliford Try168.96
22/11/2017Amerigas Partners29.41
17/11/2017Omega Healthcare Investors56.81
17/11/2017Bovis Homes Group50.70
08/11/2017Universal Corp15.45
02/11/2017Toronto Dominion Bank17.88
02/11/2017Corus Entertainment 19.96
18/10/2017Cardinal Health12.90
04/10/2017Brookfield Renewable Partners25.57
04/10/2017Brookfield Renewable Partners5.26
04/10/2017Brookfield Renewable Partners2.62
04/10/2017Corus Entertainment 14.19

Q1 = 424.48gbp
Q2 = 740.12gbp
Q3 = 1005.94gbp
Q4 = 877.40gbp

3047.94gbp of dividends were distributed in 2017

Compared to 2016, the dividend income has increased by 646.13gbp in 2017.

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Dividend Reinvestment

Greene King (GNK) has been identified as the highest ranking stock, using my dividend ranking system.
I also made my second cash contribution in 2017, where I now inject 10K per quarter (when the going is good).

This 10K and the accumulated 877.40gbp is spread equally into the top 10 ranking stocks in my dividend growth fund. Apart from GreeneKing, you can refer to the other top 9 dividend stocks in my ranking system.

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Dividend Funds Overview (Capital)

The screenshot from my Hargreaves and Lansdowne (broker) account below shows the state of play after Q4,2017 (and after the dividend reinvestment and cash contribution).

passive income

There’s been a capital gain of 15,575.19gbp for the dividend funds this quarter.

Compared to 2016, the dividend growth stocks made a capital gain of 80,099.04gbp in 2017 through cash contributions, reinvested dividends and capital growth.

passive income


Investment ISA

There’s been a gain of 1990.49gbp/ 11.79% for the  ISA/ investment trust this quarter.

Compared to 2016, the investment ISA/ investment trust made a capital gain of 8667.42gbp/ 53.97% in 2017 through natural compounding.

passive income

P2P Lending


An additional 5000e was injected into the Mintos fund this quarter.

passive income

The Mintos account has increased 374.64 Euros this quarter.
The Net Annual Return has increased 0.89%.

Compared to 2016, the Mintos account made a capital gain of 381.16e in 2017 and the net annual return has increased 0.67%.

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Rental Income

Total rental income this quarter is 850.18gbp after management/ letting fees.
There’s a decrease of 2214.05gbp in rental income in Q4 (low season).

Q1 = 1680.04gbp
Q2 = 1564.15gbp
Q3 = 3266.57gbp
Q4 = 836.39gbp
*(1155gbp) for communal fees and utilities

6192.15gbp of rental income was received in 2017 (after managment/ letting fees, communal fees and utilities)

SIPP (Pension)

There’s been a gain of 2.41% re the SIPP this quarter.
Compared to 2016, the SIPP/ Pension has made a gain of 9.62% for 2017

passive income


Dividends = 3047.94gbp
Rental Income = 6192.15gbp
Peer 2 Peer = 394.37e = 350.68gbp

Total passive income for 2017 is 9,590.77gbp
Note: This doesn’t include the SIPP/Pension (can legally withdraw when I’m 55+).

I’m 15,409.23gbp away from my magic number of 25K per annum.

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