Passive Income – Quarter 3, 2017

Rising tensions between the United States and North Korea brought a wave of falling stock prices (hence falling passive income) recently as worried investors moved money out of equities and into the perceived safety of gold, Swiss currency and similar products. At one point, this change of investment strategy cut $1 trillion from the value of global stock markets.

investment income

What did it mean for my humble little portfolio? I took advantage and bought more equities.

So, the dividend stocks to buy this quarter were:

Q3 Dividend Growth Stock Purchases

1. RPC Group Plc
2. Omega Healthcare Investors Inc
3. Corus Entertainment Inc
4. Toronto Dominion Bank
5. Johnson and Johnson
6. British American Tobacco
7. Lloyds Banking Group

investment income


Dividend Income for Q3 2017

There’s an increase of 265.82.64gbp for dividend income this quarter.

1005.94gbp (dividends from Q3) has accumulated in my broker account.

DateTickerCompanyDividend (£)   
TOTAL 1005.94
22/09/2017Qualcomm Inc19.33
22/09/2017BP Plc44.74
22/09/2017SSE Plc104.80
21/09/2017Stanley Black & Decker Inc12.82
19/09/2017Flowers Foods Inc23.00
18/09/2017Royal Dutch Shell Plc B39.55
18/09/2017Royal Dutch Shell Plc A34.23
14/09/2017Johnson & Johnson12.75
13/09/2017United Technologies Corp14.93
13/09/2017Chevron Corporation 17.61
13/09/2017Target Corp18.27
06/09/2017Pfizer Inc23.43
06/09/2017Enbridge Inc23.38
06/09/2017Boeing Co 21.89
04/09/2017BT Group Plc82.40
04/09/2017Corus Entertainment Inc14.50
01/09/2017RPC Group Plc57.64
22/08/2017Amerigas Partners30.16
21/08/2017Apple Inc13.28
17/08/2017Omega Healthcare Investors Inc39.49
09/08/2017Universal Corp15.66
04/08/2017Vodafone Group Plc114.98
03/08/2017AT&T Inc27.53
03/08/2017Corus Entertainment Inc14.25
01/08/2017Next Plc94.50
28/07/2017Medtronic Plc11.07
19/07/2017Cardinal Health Inc13.06
07/07/2017Brookfield Renewable Partners23.75
07/07/2017S&U Plc40.17
04/07/2017Brookfield Renewable Partners2.77

Average Dividend Yield

TickerCompany Dividend Yield (%)
AVERAGE DIV YIELD4.4822857142857
APUAmerigas Partners Corp8.56
AAPLApple Inc1.63
TAT&T Inc5.03
BABoeing Co1.97
BVSBovis Homes Group Plc4.47
BPBP Plc6.31
BATSBritish American Tobacco Plc3.71
BEPBrookfield Renewable Energy Partners5.61
BT.ABT Group5.41
CAHCardinal Health2.71
CVXChevron Corporation3.67
CJR.BCorus Entertainment Inc Class B8.86
OH3QDeutsche Post2.82
FLOFlowers Foods Inc3.73
GFRDGalliford Try Plc7.44
JNJJohnson & Johnson2.59
LLOYLloyds Banking Group Plc4.76
MDTMedtronic Plc2.36
NXTNext Plc3.00
OHIOmega Healthcare Investors Inc8.19
PFEPfizer Inc3.50
QCOMQualcomm Inc4.42
RDSARoyal Dutch Shell Plc A6.29
RDSBRoyal Dutch Shell Plc B6.29
RPCRPC Group Plc2.60
SUSS&U Plc4.61
SVSSavills Plc3.30
SSESSE Plc6.55
SWKStanley Black & Decker Inc1.70
TGTTarget Corp4.82
TDTToronto Dominion Bank3.41
UTX United Technologies Corp2.25
UVVUniversal Corp3.71
VODVodafone Group Plc6.22

Dividend Reinvestment

Target Corp (TGT) has been identified as the highest ranking stock, using my dividend ranking system.
I also made my first cash contribution this quarter, where I now inject 10K per quarter.

This 10K and the accumulated 1005.94gbp is spread equally into the top 10 ranking stocks in my dividend growth fund. You can refer to the top 10 dividend stocks in my ranking system.

Dividend Funds Overview (Capital)

The screenshot from my Hargreaves and Lansdowne (broker) account below shows the state of play after Q3,2017 (and after the dividend reinvestment and cash contribution).

investment income

There’s been a gain of 3726.13gbp/ 1.57% for the dividend funds (capital) this quarter.

investment income

Investment ISA

There’s been a gain of 2084.31gbp/ 13.52% re the  ISA/ investment trust this quarter.

investment income

P2P Lending

Ratesetter and Twino

I dissolved the Ratesetter and Twino accounts. They were both net positive during close of account, but I didn’t like the thought of having 3 accounts to manage.  Perhaps I’ll add a quick paragraph on account closure for my P2P lending post.


The Mintos account has increased 31.57 Euros this quarter.
The Net Annual Return has increased 0.09%.

investment income


Rental Income

Total rental income this quarter is 3266.57gbp after management/ letting fees. An increase of 1702.42gbp from last quarter.

SIPP (Pension)

There’s been a gain of 1.51% re the SIPP this quarter.


Dividend Funds: The average dividend yield is sitting at 4.48% and the dividend portfolio has capital worth 108,495.32gbp.

Hence, the dividend portfolio is on track to distribute 4861gbp per annum.

Investment ISA/ Trust: Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (high growth fund) is on track to pay 1094gbp per annum, if using the 4% rule.

P2P Lending: Mintos is on track to pay out 1199 Euros per annum.

Rental Income: Estimated annual rental income projected to be circa 4500gbp (after management, maintenance, utility and advertising fees)

I’ve now reached my core 30 dividend growth stocks.

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