New Years Resolutions and 2017 Review

The Canny Contractor :

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  • Interesting post and a nice read.

    I've also got a small amount of money with Ratesetter and was contemplating moving it to something else. Hadn't heard about Mintos but seems to have much better returns at ave 10%. Is that the kind of return you're seeing?

    • Hi Fergus, thanks for the comment.

      I've had the Mintos account for a little over a year now. It's always hovered around the 11-13% mark and never dropped below that. Even with these returns, I get a buyback guarantee i.e. if the borrower defaults on the loan, the loan provider will buy this loan back from you…including the interest.

      It's a relatively new investment type (P2P), say compared to dividend growth stocks with a long track record. Hence, there are always going to be risks. So, I'm keeping around 5% of my wealth in P2P lending, as opposed to 70% in Stocks.

      I test the Mintos platform using the link below:

      • Thanks. Signed up via the link - not sure if you get any benefit or not, but hopefully you do.

        Just loaded some funds but need to wait for them to arrive. I notice that the best loans are 18% with buyback guarantee - seems very high!

        • I've just signed up for their affiliate program, so should receive something. Thanks.

          Your funds should only take a few days to arrive. Yes, they add new loan originators from time to time. From various countries too. So, just keep checking into your Autoinvest section or 'My Investments' to analyse the interest rates/ buyback guarantee. Enjoy the returns!

  • Sounds like you had an interesting year! It was great to meet you at the Edinburgh meetup in December. Good luck with your goals and hope to see you somewhere in the world in 2018!

    • Thanks. Great to meet you and Mr W at last. Edinburgh was a fun night and well organised. It was cool to meet all these nice folk on their journey to FI or hear how they achieved it already.

      I'm sure our paths will cross at some point this year. If I'm not on a project, maybe I attend FIWE 2018 in Timisoara:- ) Good luck with your new years resolutions...