How I’m using Geoarbitrage to Fast-Track My Way to Financial Independence

The Canny Contractor :

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  • I really enjoyed reading this article, also beacause I'm a huge fan of GeoArbitrage.
    We lived fot 12 years in Germany and in 2015 and 2016 we lived for 3-5 months in Romania (my parents) or Uk (her parents). The kids loved it and so did we. Last year we rented out our flat in Germany and the income more than covered all our expenses for the "holiday".
    This year we moved to Romania long term (to be close to my parents). While many things are bothering us in this country (corruption, pollution mainly) we love it here and it's unbelievable how high quality our meals are. We have lots of stuff in my parents garden and the local market is also a great source of organic (and dirt cheap) food. (I reacently wrote an article about that) And...we didn't have to travel far. It's still the EU.
    Talking of healthcare. I had an MRI a year ago an paid 65€ or so. In Germany, 2 months later for the exact same thing I paid 490€.
    Hope to meet you in person one day as well!
    If you don't mind I'll link our blogposts about Geographic Arbitrage, it might be interesting for your readers:

    • Thanks for the comment Mr W. It's great you have all moved somewhere you can call home AND save money in the process. A win win. Also, a real bonus with the healthcare, a cunning bit of medical arbitrage going on there:- )

      No bother about the link (it's an enjoyable article everyone, so please read), it's good to make more folk aware of this wonderful technique. Yup, I will definitely get to one of the meet ups one day and meet you all...