Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I’m guessing you want more insight into how to become financially independent? You want to make your money work harder, utilize some canny contracting practices to achieve this and live a life on your terms? Well, you’ve landed on the right page.

My Story…Getting My Priorities Straight (at Last)

Wanting to become financially independent has become a bit of an obsession for me these days. Subconsciously it’s always been in the back of my mind, but it’s now my number one focus.

When I was much younger and fresh out of University, I wanted to become a millionaire and travel the world. Who wouldn’t?

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Enjoying the contractor’s platinum lifestyle in the highest infinity pool in the world, Singapore

I wanted to become wealthy for all the wrong reasons though. Fast cars, fast women and guess what? A fast lifestyle (or a platinum one as us contractors like to say).

I’ve not quite notched 205 Sovereign States…or built up a net worth of 1 Million for that matter.

But the net worth goal is achievable, was achieved with hard graft, persistence, and visualization…and using some of the practices mentioned in this blog. Since drafting this blog, I’ve paid off 2 properties and built up a half decent investment portfolio.  Hence this has pushed up my Net Worth. Thus, I’m a Dollar Millionaire now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a saver. But it was really time to change my ways, my priorities and adopt a new mindset. It was time to knuckle down.

I slowly realized I don’t need to live platinum. Rather, live a good lifestyle for less.

Humble Beginnings

I come from a fairly modest background and have always grafted hard to get where I am today. We were the last family in our street (and last one in my class) to purchase a VHS video cassette player (big technology in those days!)

There were no fancy BMX bikes or the latest games console at Xmas (pitiful string section in the background).

I started washing neighbour’s cars around eleven years old, delivered newspapers then progressed onto mowing the neighbour’s lawn, cleaning offices, working in a Supermarket (starting wage was 2.90gbp per hour, back in the day), delivering pizza etc. You get the picture. I’ve always worked hard from a young age and had some sort of project or job under my belt.

I studied hard in University and naturally wanted some big changes and a great lifestyle after years of studying and part-time work. I was fortunate enough to break into contracting after 6 years of being permanent.

However, I got sucked into the world of consumerism. I bought the fancy car, fancy apartment and frolicked with the women and lifestyle that came with it.

This was my life…I was living in a bubble. But bubbles inevitably burst.

The lifestyle as a contractor is fantastic, don’t get me wrong. And some of it is paid by the client (overseas projects). But it simply isn’t sustainable.

Life Changing Moments

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In late 2015, I had a financial awakening on one of my overseas projects.

I can live this platinum lifestyle (keeping up with the Jones). There was just one thing, I would have to go back to work every day to sustain it. And that means sitting in a cubicle or an open plan office (not sure which is worse).

Or…I can live within my means and live freely. The latter will take a lot of planning, discipline, sacrifice and tremendous willpower. However, it’s a no-brainer. I choose Financial Independence.

Little Bit About Me

I’m a late 30 40 something, British contractor who’s been on the contracting circuit for several years now. My background is Chemical Engineering and I’ve done project work for several blue-chip companies across the globe. After doing some napkin math, I realize I’m closer to the finish line. 4.5 years if my calculations serve me well.

Hence, this blog symbolizes the start of a 4.5-year journey to financial independence. The purpose is to detail tried and tested methods in real time, so you can learn, draw inspiration and fully optimize your savings and spending. Thus, accumulate your long-term wealth more quickly.

In case you’re wondering, how the heck can this guy become financially independent in 4.5 years? Well, I started sowing seeds when I was 25, or even earlier. I just happen to be making a conscious decision of fast-tracking the process now. Now the heavy lifting has been done.

How the Devil do I Make Bank to Fund all These Investments

By now, everyone has heard of the Novichok nerve agent. Where it comes from is another story. But I can tell you my story. Nope, I’m not that guy who processes it, but I do did work in another secret facility in mainland Europe that manufactures a virus used to combat the deadliest virus in the world (fairly recent discovery).

Unfortunately for Novichok, they haven’t discovered anything that can combat it yet…Anyway, I’m one of a select bunch that was trained up to wear a silly space suit and perform specialised testing. I do a bunch of other weird stuff as well, but that’s by the by.

Courtesy of

The difference between Novichok and the stuff I dealt with is the BSL (Biological Safety Level) category. Novichok is BSL category 4 and I was BSL category 2. You’ve probably seen those movies where a virus breaks out in a top-secret laboratory and they’re not allowed to let that person out. And they slide down the glass and die a slow death. It’s true though, BSL-4 is danger money.

Fortunately, they were able to let me out if anything went skewiff. Although I required to go through a specialized procedure to ensure I had no traces of the virus on me.

What Can You Achieve From This Blog?

I decided to create this blog, as I felt there wasn’t enough alternative information for independent professionals who wish to (semi) retire early/ FIRE overseas and require the extra knowledge to reach and fast-track their own goals and get them over the finish line. Hence, I think I can add some perspective here. However, anyone from any background can apply the majority of the methods mentioned on this blog to achieve their retirement goals.

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The concept for this blog was created in May 2016…so, the target date for financial independence is November 2020

Watch out for Quarterly updates (to highlight my progress), and sign up to the free newsletter if you want to reach your retirement goals quicker.

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